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accomplishment posters

What better way to say congratulations than on a bright, custom-made Taxiway Sign! Whether it is for a First Solo or a Retirement, Pilot Expressions can design the perfect celebratory poster for you or your VIP's accomplishments. 

We will provide a digital copy at no additional cost that you can use to print on your own time, or we can do all the printing for you for a nominal fee. Lead times vary, please select product below for more details. Designs start as low as $19.99 per design!

Accomplishment Poster (Retirement)
Accomplishment Poster (First Solo)
Invitations and Programs

Having an aviation themed party, gathering, or wedding? We can create the perfect invitation and greeting card for your event. Whether it be a "Boarding Pass" or "Safety Briefing Card", Pilot Expressions has an entertaining solution for your event.

We can provide a digital copy that you can use to print on your own time or we can do all the printing for you. Lead times vary, contact us for more information. Designs start as low as $20.00 per design!

Below is an example of a Wedding Invitation and Program we created for a young couple (names changed, of course).

Welcome to Pilot Expressions!
Founded by two airline pilots with the original goal of creating entertaining stickers that really expressed what it meant to be a pilot in the modern day of aviation (hence the name Pilot Expressions), we have evolved into creating products for all lovers of aviation and travel. Pilot Expressions is the original creator of one of the most prominent and sought after designs in the aviation community: The AV8R Taxiway Sign. What started as a sticker we now offer on many more products such as insulated stainless steel tumblers, t-shirts, luggage tags, and more. The AV8R Taxiway Sign will strike a chord with any aviator and is the perfect pilot gift.
If you are looking for a travel tech gadget for your trip, look no further than WingMate Smart Tags by Pilot Expressions. WingMate is a passive tracking smart tag for flight crew members and active travelers. WingMate was designed to be exactly what the name suggests, to be your wingman for all of your traveling valuables. Available as luggage tags or stickers, WingMate helps protect your personal contact information and aids with the recovery of lost items, while along making it easy to update tag information by using your smartphone or computer. WingMate is the last luggage tag you will every want or need! 
Whether it's a quirky aviation novelty or a high tech functional travel accessory, Pilot Expressions has something for the weekend flyer or the most demanding traveler.

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